7 Ways to Protect Your Child from Internet Hazards


7. Put your family computer in a visible place

The power of temptation is one of the strongest things in this world. It can lead almost everyone up the garden path and tempt to do things they’re not allowed to do. If you don’t use parental control programs, you should keep the child’s computer in the room often visited by you or other members of the family for children to keep in mind that visiting forbidden websites is a bad and risky idea. Plus, you’ll have a chance to communicate more with your child. This tricks works well during the pre-adolescent and adolescent periods. Teenagers will find ways to deceive you, because they’re more inventive and more curious.

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The Internet safety for kids should become a top priority for modern parents, because children are our future. If you don’t want your “future” to have psychological problems, you should modify your home computer by installing special Internet safety programs. But sometimes, it’s not enough, because much depends on the process of upbringing and relationship between you and your kids. Do you believe that the Internet can affect children’s emotional well-being? What way do you protect your kids from the Internet hazards? Share your point of view.