4 Family-Friendly Columbus Day Activities in New York


While Columbus Day means nothing to many people, Americans appreciate, love and celebrate this day. It’s a three-day holiday that allows families to spend some quality time together and enjoy and participate in a number of events. From Greenbelt Pumpkin Festival and Harlem Harvest Festival to Luna Park’s Halloween Harvest Dog Parade and Columbus Day Parade, there are many activities to try in NYC.

Of course, many other cities and small town host numerous fun events like pumpkin picking and carving, corn mazes and local parades. But if you can’t get out of town or you couldn’t spend Saturday and Sunday with your little ones, don’t worry. Monday is your family day. Here’s what you can do on Columbus Day in NYC:

1. Falconry Presentation: Skyhunters in Flight, Riverdale

Want to see hawks, falcons and owls? Join master falconer Brian Bradley and his feathered friends on Columbus Day, at the bucolic Wave Hill. Your children will learn more about hawks, owls, and falcons. An exciting outdoor flight demonstration is guaranteed. It’s free with admission.

2. Staten Island Children’s Museum Cool School Holiday, Staten Island

On Monday, October 12, the museum will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. so you will have a lot of time to teach your children valuable lessons and prove them that museums are not as boring as modern people consider. They can be interesting too. I think the Staten Island Children’s Museum shows children that learning is all about fun, not about constant writing and reading. It’s absolutely free, so why not visit the museum together to celebrate Columbus Day?

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3. Goosebumps Screening, Staten Island

This is another family-friendly activity to try in Staten Island except going for a ride on the Staten Island Ferry and visiting the Staten Island Children’s Museum – by the way, two free activities. Snug Harbor is going to host a free preview of the soon-to-open child-horror movie Goosebumps based on famous R. L. Stine’s book series. It’s free and from 2:00 PM to 6:30 PM but make sure you come earlier.

4. Columbus Day Parade

No holiday is complete without a parade. Columbus Day Parade is a fantastic event that you and your family can’t miss. The parade draws around 35,000 marchers and up to million spectators. Columbus Day Parade honors Italian-Americans’ contributions to New York City as well as gather together people from different states and even other countries to celebrate the history.

It will travel tomorrow from 47th Street to 72nd Street and several marching bands will play and perform along its length. You will also have an opportunity to see a “red carpet” area between 68th and 69th Streets designed for stage acts. The parade is absolutely free of cost so you don’t have to worry about your family budget. Just make sure you arrive as earlier and possible to get the best spots.

Whether Columbus Day is one of your favorite holidays you celebrate each year or it’s just an ordinary day, spending the second Monday of October with the whole family is an awesome idea. These are activities that won’t wreck your family budget so don’t worry about it. Remember, the best things in life is free? All you need to have a fun Monday is a positive attitude. Do you Celebrate Columbus Day?