5 Family-Friendly Activities for Memorial Day


Memorial Day Weekend is a special holiday that many families celebrate together. It is a time for remembrance and honor. It is also a time for families traditions. Of course, there are the usual holiday traditions, but why not create some family-friendly activities that you can turn into new traditions? Here are some fun ideas to consider.

1. Crafts: make it a family “thing”

As a family, discuss ideas for making crafts together over the holiday weekend. Maybe it is birdhouses, or maybe it is ceramics. Get ideas from each family member, and then decide which crafts to make.

Decide what to do with the crafts when you are done creating. You could make enough birdhouses to give to neighbors on your side of the block, or make ceramic gifts for others.

Whatever you choose, be sure that each family member has a part in the creating process.

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2. Day trip ideas: where to go

Your own state: Take a day trip in your own state to visit any “natural wonders” that are only a day away.
You can also check out interesting places where tourists tend to go when they visit your state.

Neighboring states: Visit a state or two near your home. Do a Google search of the state(s) and decide what beautiful places you want to visit as a family.

National parks: Choose from a list of the most beautiful national parks that are just a day trip away to visit. Get your list of the parks here: National Parks List.

3. Scavenger hunt

Make a list, or do a search on the Internet of things to find based on the theme of your hunt.

  • Door to door hunts: Go around asking neighbors for one item on the list. Be sure to use manners.
  • Photo scavenger hunts: Put everyone in the car and drive around searching for the items on your list. Take photos to post on your favorite social media page or to put in a family photo album.
  • Competitive hunts: Break up into teams and see who can find the most items or the most creative items in a certain amount of time.
  • Rainy day hunt: Often times, Memorial Day weekend can be a rainy one, so come up with ideas on what to hunt for indoors or on a rainy day.
  • Specific Memorial Day topics or places: If you go on a weekend trip to the beach or mountains, do one of the following types of hunts: beach hunt, forest hunt, or campground hunt.

4. Time capsule

As a family, create a time capsule that you will open up each year or designate a specific year to open. Include favorite memories from each family member and then put it in a place you will remember to look for next time.

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5. Thank a veteran

What a perfect opportunity for your family to seek out and thank a veteran for their service to our country. Be sure to explain to any young children why this is important. Then, make it a yearly event.

Finding things to do on Memorial Day is easy, but creating fun new family-friendly activities you can do as a tradition is priceless. Enjoy your weekend together!