Foolish Mistake: How to Tell Your Husband about Your Infidelity


Telling your husband that you cheated on him is difficult yet important. Unfortunately, sometimes we fall in love with someone but then realize that our partners are actually the best ones. If you cheated on him, don’t lie. Of course, you don`t want to break up with your partner, especially if you love him and have kids, but you have to tell him the truth. No matter how complicated your conversation will be, it’s better to tell the truth than spending your days and nights feeling guilty and overthinking your fault over and over again. Here’s how you can tell your husband about your infidelity:

1. Do you still love him?

The first thing you should do is to figure out whether you still love your husband or not. Make sure that you still have those warm feelings that make you do everything to have a happy relationship with him. If you realize that you want your relationship to last then it`s worth to tell your significant other about everything you did. If you feel like you don`t care about him anymore, it`s better to keep silent about that bad deed of yours and just tell him that everything is over.

2. Get ready for the talk

You should be emotionally ready for this hard conversation with your husband. This conversation can change your life so be ready for that change. Don’t be afraid of your husband, of course, if he is not an aggressor in your family. We are not perfect and we all commit a lot of mistakes. Although you know it was your own choice and you just did what you want, you also know that it was a mistake and you may be afraid of his reaction. If he loves you, he`ll definitely try to understand you.

3. Choose the right moment

It`s also better to choose the correct time for this serious talk. He wouldn`t be happy to hear this shocking truth if there are some problems with his mother`s health, for example. Also, don’t talk about it on his birthday when everyone is in high spirits. You`ll hurt him anyway, but sometimes this news can even cause a heart attack so better choose the most suitable moment for your conversation.

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4. Is he a hot-tempered man?

Thinking about what temper your husband has will help you to foresee his reaction. If he`s a hot-tempered man, don’t tell him the truth when you two are home alone. You may call or text him, for example. Or ask a family therapist for help. This way, he won`t go crazy and won`t damage your health. You made a mistake but it`s not worth your health or even your life. Protect yourself and your kids in advance.

5. Prepare him to hear that news

Have a so-called “lesson of kitchen philosophy” with your husband where you discuss different moral aspects of life and especially the necessity to forgive. Make him agree that love teaches us to be patient and nothing can prevent us from saving a true love. You may also tell him that you`d like to get more attention from him. Then it`ll be easier for him to accept your hurting truth.

6. Admit your mistake and apologize

Studies show that it’s easier for people to forgive those who admit their mistakes and apologize. It is highly important to remember about it when talking to your husband. Let him know that you see those flaws of yours. It`s much easier for a man to forgive a woman who admit that she was wrong.

7. Let him do the same

Letting him do the same thing that you did is a smart psychological trick. You tell your husband that you cheated on him and you know how bad and hurtful it`s so you let him do the same. He probably won`t agree but it`s going to make him aware that you`re ready to do everything possible to make him forgive you. It shows that you can even suffer in order to save your relationship.

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8. If he loves you, he`ll forgive

There`s nothing that can prevent two people from being happy together and infidelity is no exception. I can make you sure that a man who really loves his woman won`t break up with her because of this. When he asks you why did you do so, be honest with him. Whatever the reason is, relationship is a two-way street so when there are some problems, both partners are guilty.

Many women encounter this problem and most of them don`t know how to tell their husbands about it. Fortunately, you have these tips so I hope your husband will understand and forgive you. What other peaceful ways to tell your husband about you infidelity are you going to try?