Sh! 9 Little Lies I’ll Tell My Future Child


Every woman wants to raise happy children. They say, a child should be independent and serious to be prepared for a real world. It`s partially true but I`d like my future daughter or son to be a child at an early age. There are lies that you can tell your child without feeling guilty. It`s a lie that creates that fairytale all children live in for several years. If you also want to provide your child with a wonderful and unforgettable childhood, here are ten lies you can tell your little one:

1. Magic is real

All children love magic. All those witches, sorcerers and their spells make children go crazy. They want to believe that our lives are not as boring as it`s indeed. Even though we know that all magic we see is an illusion, you shouldn`t destroy this sense of pleasant strangeness in your child`s dreams. Time will come and they`ll find out everything themselves but now you can lie. I’ll definitely tell my future child that magic is real.

2. Santa Claus exists

Christmas was the happiest part of my childhood. At least, it used to be so until I found out that Santa Claus isn`t real. Then Christmas became an ordinary holiday. Of course, that family and friendly atmosphere of Christmas still makes me happy but it`s not that Christmas when you wait for the presents from some old, wise man with long white beard. Let your child believe that he exists at least for a while because it really makes winter time unforgettable.

3. Eating vegetables will give you an extra power

Children love comics and super heroes, especially boys do. But only a few like eating vegetables. We know that vegetables are an essential part of children`s daily meal plan but how to make them eat those veggies? The answer is to lie them. I’ll tell my future child that vegetables can give them an extra power. I’ll tell something like ‘You`ll be able to see in darkness,’ or ‘You`ll be amazingly strong but only if you eat these tomatoes and carrots now.’

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4. Guys like naturally beautiful girls

You don`t want your little daughter to use beauty products at an early age, do you? Therefore, you may say that guys don`t like girls who do this. They like natural beauty and want to be around girls who are not obsessed with makeup trends. I don’t know if I’ll have a daughter or not, but if I will, I’ll definitely tell her that guys fall in love with the girl’s beauty, not makeup.

5. You’re the most beautiful girl in the world

While it’s crucial to tell your son he is smart and handsome, it’s even more important to tell your daughter she’s incredibly beautiful. You want her to be happy and what can be more pleasant for a girl than realizing that she`s the most beautiful girl in the world. It`s actually not a lie. Others may not consider her beautiful, but your own child is always the prettiest and the most attractive. A healthy and happy kid is the one who has a good self-esteem thus telling a small lie like this isn`t a hurtful lie.

6. Be yourself and no one will judge you

People always judge each other. If you can be yourself, they`ll judge you for that. If you can`t, they`ll judge you for that too. Anyway, you`ll be judged so it`s better to stay yourself in any situation like strong, independent women do. Being unique and not afraid of bringing something new into this world is the key to an interesting life full of colorful adventures. Therefore, this lie will definitely help your future children in their life.

7. You`ll become whoever you want to be

Although lots of people can`t find their dream jobs, your child shouldn`t know about that yet. Encourage their interests by telling that they can be whoever they want in future. No matter if your baby boy or baby girl likes to take photos or sing, you can inspire them and say that when they grow up they can choose any career path they want and succeed in it easily. When children get a strong motivation from parents, they`re ready for more and they can make surprisingly huge efforts to reach their goals until they don`t know what laziness is. I’ll definitely tell my future child that it’s possible to become whoever they want.

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8. There’s only one person you can love

It`s true but you keep silent about the fact that your child may encounter lots of mistakes when finding their true love. It`s a lie you definitely need to tell your future child. Otherwise, they may have unhealthy relationships with lots of different people and you don`t want it to happen, right?

9. Money is nothing

Well, money is nothing but nowadays it rules the world. However, childhood means that you don`t need to take care about where to get those bucks. Personally I don’t want my future child to be obsessed with money. Parents should pay their attention to some moral values like kindness, gratitude and positive way of thinking. Let your child to understand that these things the most important in life.

Children should stay children until it`s time to grow up. Let them believe in miracles because life is something we need to enjoy but not survive. Create an unforgettable childhood for your baby and cherish them with lots of awesome surprises, unpredictable happy events and countless pleasures. They`ll certainly thank you for all that lie later. I’ll tell these little lies my future children without feeling guilty, and you?