7 Important Life Lessons Parents Should Learn from Their Kids


Do you agree that children are good teachers? I do agree because they take a significant part in their parents’ developmental process. Unfortunately, many adults don’t accept this little truth. They’re always looking for a reliable and infinite source of wisdom and knowledge in the world. They tend to read incredibly tough and challenging books or take part in various psychological trainings in high hopes of entering a new stage of personal development. Of course, all these things make us more educated, but I think that it’s not necessary to put complicated ideas into your head all the time because true wisdom is hidden inside your children.

Small kids are unbelievably smart and positive. Childhood is a unique state of mind that gives children an opportunity to throw a sober glance at everything and understand what is really valuable in life. They can easily do it, because their minds are unladen with everyday anxiety or obsessive thoughts about all possible risks and dangers.

Sometimes, your child’s point of view can give a correct answer to the most difficult questions and bring more clarity into your life. Moreover, communication with your kids will help you explore your inner self and recollect the most important things you’ve already forgotten. Take a look at the most important lessons you can learn from your kids:

1. Life without mental boundaries is much better

The more you know, the more limited in your actions you become. Psychologists say that extremely knowledgeable adults often find it difficult to make a right decision, because they’re asking themselves too many questions that keep them stuck. When we get older we build a high wall of stereotypes, conventionalities, imaginary barriers and limitations in our minds.

Unlike adults, children’s hearts are open to the world. They perceive everything with ease and don’t expect something bad to happen. It helps children enjoy life without mental barriers such as fear, anxiety and compulsion.

As an adult, I understand that it’s very dangerous to open your heart to almost everyone, because other people’s words and actions can hurt more than swords. But emotional standoff is not the best choice too. Our children show us that positive attitude towards life is more beneficial. Try to free yourself from personal emotional prison and look at your problems and inner contradictions from a different angle.

2. They teach us to ask direct questions

Do you often ask questions to others, when you’re interested in one or another thing? Modern adults are afraid to ask direct questions. They prefer to beat around the bush, if they want to ask something. They behave in such a way, because they’re afraid of being condemned by the society for their thoughts and desires.

Furthermore, adults, especially women, fear to look foolish by asking the questions that may seem unusual to others. Be careful with this coyness, though. One day you’ll understand that you’re not living your life the way you want and communicating with people you hate and disrespect.

Children are more courageous in their communication. They usually say directly what they want to get. Giving subtle hints or signs is not their pair of shoes and it’s actually a great merit. People who lack courage to communicate openly and directly, usually cannot reach their goals in life, because other people aren’t good at decoding what they mean and want.

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3. It’s necessary to shift the focus from one things to another

Life is often not a bed of roses. From time to time, we face difficulties, attend the events we dislike, communicate with people we hate and simply deal with negativity 24 hours a day. As a result, we become incredibly fixated on the issues around us. We spend a lot of energy looking for a quick and effective solution to all our troubles, but we can’t achieve a desirable result. Why does it happen? Psychologists prove that people who always get caught in an endless loop of their troubles are doomed to failure, because there’s no space for success in their minds.

Children have a unique skill to quickly redirect their attention from negative to positive and forget about the issue. They can easily do it, because they find the outward things more interesting and attractive than getting hung up on the same problem.

It doesn’t mean that adults should once and for all forget about all their issues. They should learn to shift focus and get a break from things, thoughts and emotions that make them anxious and unsatisfied with life. As soon as you accept this truth, you’ll be able to live in harmony with yourself and others.

4. We should always go the whole hog

All children have naturally strong willpower and inborn persistence. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said about adults. Just look at the toddler trying to take his first steps and you’ll understand what I mean. He falls down and then stands up without losing hope. These smart small creatures never give up, but move on, no matter how hard and painful their path to a successful result may be.

Why do people lack willpower and sometimes lose confidence when they get older? I think it happens when people try to keep everything taking place in their lives under control. They usually waste precious life energy predicting, preventing and planning everything instead of going with flow and enjoying life. Children show us that willpower and persistence are of great importance. People who lack these qualities should do their best to give up their strive to control the uncontrollable and become resistant to public opinion. It will help them get their inborn confidence back and have their own way, regardless of everything.

5. They teach us to be sincere and uninhibited

Kids know nothing about duplicity, hypocrisy and insincerity. These are the weapons of adults who’re used to think of one thing, say the opposite and finally do everything in their own way.

Double nature isn’t peculiar to small kids, because their souls are as pure as crystals. They tend to speak their thoughts, no matter whether someone likes it or not. Children’s world is much easier than ours.

Apart from it, children prefer to do things they like without seeking approval from others. If they’re in a bad mood, they cry. If their hearts are full of happiness and joy, they smile. I believe that if adults start living according to these rules they’ll certainly become happier. Furthermore, they’ll be able to give way to a great number of negative and deep-seated emotions that are so harmful to their health.

6. Motion is an essential part of our life

Happy and healthy children are always on the move. It seems that they cannot imagine their lives without climbing, sprinting, jumping and other physical activities. Sitting at home and doing nothing is the most severe punishment for both children and adults, because sooner or later, it leads to serious health problems.

People who spend 8 and more hours sitting in front of the TV or computer and think that 30 minutes of physical activity per day will protect them from negative side effects of sedentary lifestyle are seriously mistaken. Sure, physical exercise can have a positive healing effect, but sometimes it’s not enough. It’s strongly recommended to move more and be active throughout the day. Small kids don’t attend fitness classes. They remain healthy thanks to their habit of staying constantly active.

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7. We should discover new things

Nowadays many adults are afraid of discovering new oceans, because they find it difficult to adapt to new things in life. New adventures require them to leave their comfort zone and overcome the fear of unknown. It often happens so, because many people are naturally conservative. On the one hand, this conservatism helps us survive and make less life mistakes, but on the other hand, it steals their confidence and opportunities to develop.

Do all possible to muster up your courage to overcome different fears and let something new happen in your life. If you fear to do it alone, then explore the world with your child.

If you already have children, then you’re the happiest person in the world. Pay attention to their words, actions, and traits. Monitor their behavioral changes and you’ll have a chance to learn the most valuable lessons in life, because your kids are both a blessing and wisdom sent from heaven. What other important lessons have you already learned from your kids? Share your experiences with us.