8 Useful Tips for Preparing Your Child for School


You`ve just learned how to cope with your child’s temper tantrum and here`s another challenge on your way. School is something different from all your previous experience in raising a great kid. It requires an independence and an ability to make their own decisions. We all love our children and want to make them happy so it`s necessary to prepare them for school correctly. Check out the most important things you should do in order to prepare your child for school in a week:

1. Have a talk about it

The first thing you should do to prepare your child for school is to have a talk about it. Discuss all the problems and the ways out of them. Name as much advantages of studying as possible and help your kid realize that education is an essential part of everyone’s life. Inspire them to be successful in school and show that you really believe in them. It`s going to make them forget about all those fears they may face now.

2. Provide them with enough support

Your child will soon do something unusual and unknown. Furthermore, you won’t be close to them in case of some trouble thus school may be a shock for them. It means that you should provide a child with enough support and let them know that you can still help them whenever they need you. Make your child sure that going to school is a lot of fun.

3. Buy all school stuff together

Even though most of us didn`t like going to school, we all remember those pleasant moments of shopping before school. Go shopping for school with your children and let them choose everything themselves. All those colorful exercise books, pens and pencils will make them wait for the first day of school impatiently.

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4. Perform a trial lesson at home

People are afraid of everything unknown thus a child may be afraid of school because it seems to be something strange for them. You can get rid of that fear by performing a trial lesson at home. Decorate one of your rooms as if it’s a classroom and invite your child’s friends to create an atmosphere of a real school lesson. Being a good teacher is your task so ask different questions, get different answers and praise those who behave well and show great knowledge with high grades.

5. Tell about a school friendship

School friendship is a valuable thing in a child’s life. Tell your child that they`ll meet lots of wonderful children in school and make many good friends. Help your little one realize that school is a great place to visit each day. Your child probably has some interests and hobbies thus you can mention that there`ll be more chances to improve their skills in school.

6. Prepare your child for studying

You may vent to training courses for children before your child goes to school. It`ll give them some basic knowledge and will make them get acquainted with the process of studying in general. It`ll make their first school year easier and happier, because studying will already be somehow habitual for them. You may train them yourself by learning different childish rhymes together and teaching them some writing and reading skills.

7. Meet your child’s future teacher

Some schools allows their newcomers to meet their teachers before the school year. Find out if it`s possible in your school, and if yes then try to meet your child’s future teacher together. It`ll show them that a teacher is not an enemy – it’s a person who knows a lot and share their knowledge with others. If you see that your child’s future teacher isn’t friendly and your child doesn’t like them, don’t ignore it.

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8. Tell about your best school memories

Your child would be happy to listen to your best school memories. Show your most exciting experience and make a child believe and feel that school is a cool place. Those adventures with faithful friends, lots of fun and brilliant knowledge will stay in their minds forever because those moments are unforgettable. Children need to find it out and then they`ll have a strong desire to go to school and get all those fresh impressions and new fun feelings.

Preparing a child for school is easy when you know these tips. Help your child fall in love with school and encourage them to study well. Try to make it a kind of quiz and let them see that there`s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to school. The first day in school should be like a holiday but not a challenge for your child. Have you already started preparing your child for school?