9 Times Your Mom Was Absolutely Right


It may be difficult to get on well with your mother but the longer you live, the more you understand that she really knows a lot and can give so many valuable advice. When you`re a child, you love her and want to be with her. When you`re a teen, you struggle against her opinions. When you`re a grown-up, you gradually realize all her wisdom and all the rightness of her words. Mothers always try to support us and make our lives happier but, unfortunately, we often ignore these priceless pieces of advice. Here are some of great lessons to learn from your mother…

1. Boyfriend drama

My mother once gave me an extremely valuable tip on how to find out whether a guy likes me or not that I use even now. If he likes you, he`ll do everything to call or text you. If he doesn`t try to keep in touch with you, there`s no chance to have a successful relationship with this man. It was checked many times and I can make you sure that my mother was right about this advice so keep it in mind the next time you start a new relationship.

2. Nothing good happens after 2 a.m.

Well, you like that guy and think you should stay at the party for the whole night in order to get his attention. But, trust your mom, nothing good happens after 2 a.m. Both of you might be drunk, which means one of you will definitely forget about this spontaneous date. We often think that if leave a party early, we’ll miss the most interesting things but it`s not true. What we really gain from this is unpleasant consequences you will have to cope with the next day. Your mother is right when she says that nothing good happens after 2 a.m.

3. Lying is a bad idea

You may hide something successfully and think that your mother was wrong when she told you that every lie comes out. In fact she`s right and you`ll realize it soon. Lying is an awful trait you shouldn`t have as it makes you feel disgusting every time you deceive someone. Moreover, it becomes extremely hard to hold that heavy burden of lie on your shoulders. Try to tell the truth in any situation and you won’t have those inner fights with your own self.

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4. Appreciate your grandparents

As a child you have to visit your grandparents regular but as a teen you don`t like it and would rather meet your friends. In fact, this is the thing you should do as often as possible because you may not have such an opportunity down the road. Time flies and you may regret that you`ve lost those chances to listen to your grandfather`s stories and to enjoy your grandmother`s apple pie. Don`t ignore your mother`s requests to visit grandparents as you`ll definitely realize that she was right about it.

5. Don’t start smoking

All mothers say this to their children and they`re totally right about it. Smoking isn’t just dangerous to your health, it’s an expensive habit as well. Smoking doesn’t help to lose weight faster and, most importantly, it doesn’t help to fight stress and bad mood. Don`t even try to smoke as all it gives you is a further desire to give up this habit but it`ll be late when you realize it.

6. He’s not the one you deserve

You may face this tragedy many times before you understand that your mother was right. Mostly when we hear something bad about our crush, we start proving the opposite. It`s hard to believe that this nice guy is bad indeed and it`s better to dump him as soon as possible. Those illusory warm feelings prevent us from seeing a clear picture of what`s going on. However, you`ll then find out that every mother`s warning about his terrible character was truly worth listening to.

7. Eat more vegetables

Eating more vegetables is the best way to lose weight and have a good health. My mother told it to me so many times and now I know for sure that she was right. You`ll need no diets and will have no weight loss issues if you include lots of vegetables in your daily diet.

8. Don’t follow the crowd

Girls tend to compare themselves to others. They like to compare their lifestyle, clothes, character, relationships and success. You shouldn`t do that because it`s just a waste of your time. If you don`t like something in your life, it`s better to work on improving those moments instead of complaining that someone feels better than you. You`re the only person who`s responsible for your own happiness so don`t wait until someone makes you successful in life as it`ll never happen. Your mother is right when she says that you shouldn`t follow the crowd.

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9. Everything will be fine

These words don`t seem to be true when your boyfriend dumped you or you failed an exam. However, time heals and you will understand that everything isn`t as bad as it seems. Life often brings us numerous challenges and difficult obstacles but something good always happens after these problems even though it`s hard to believe at first. Our mothers always try to support us and their rich experience let them know that everything will be fine no matter what.

Your mother loves you like no one else in this world. She wants you to live a fully happy life and gives you the best out of her experience. Every lesson she teaches you is invaluable so it`s better to listen carefully to every word of her. You`ll gradually become look like your mother in future with all those problems and pleasures you encounter. You`ll also have your own children and will tell them the same you heard from your mother. Don`t neglect her advice and try to be a grateful daughter. What mother-daughter issues are you trying to settle right now?