7 Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories to Your Child


Whether you`re planning to have a child or you`re a parent already, you might have heard that it`s useful to read bedtime stories to your little one. Despite the fact that most parents don`t like doing it as a long work day makes those several minutes of reading annoying and exhausting, it also makes a positive impact on your child`s emotional and mental health. Take a look at the best benefits of reading bedtime stories and you`ll never be lazy to read some to your child.

1. It helps to develop child’s imagination

Reading bedtime stories develops your child’s imagination. Children should have a healthy imagination because it makes their mind work and teaches them to think quickly yet effectively. They`ll be able to find efficient solutions to any problem in future thanks to a wonderful imagination. The ability to visualize unreal characters, places and circumstances makes our life more colorful and happy thus you should provide your child with this skill too.

2. Priceless moments

Bedtime stories create just unforgettable moments. As a parent, you`d probably want your kid to remember those times when you read them some magical bedtime stories. Those times when you say good night to each other and see that little charming smile of a beautiful sleepy head are really priceless. Spend a few minutes reading to your little one to create those memories.

3. It improves their language

Reading also improves our children`s language. We read to them and teach them at the same time because they remember most words we say and expand their vocabulary. They`ll most likely use those words you mention in the stories you read right after they hear it. Listening to many stories helps kids to express their opinions better.

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4. You cultivate a love of reading in your child

When reading bedtime stories you encourage your child to read more books down the road. Children who love reading have parents who used to read to them before bed. Children who watch movies and cartoons only just don`t know what the benefits of reading are. Try to inspire your kid to read as this way they`ll be a lot more successful in life.

5. It stimulates your child’s brain

Just imagine how many questions appear in your child`s head when they hear a story from their mom or dad. What`s this? What`s that? They don`t know much yet but the more you read, the more questions they ask – and the more questions they ask the more answers they get and the smarter they become. Start reading bedtime stories to your children every evening and they`ll try to answer their own questions even without your help because their brain will work better, faster and in a more original way.

6. It’s a great lullaby

If you can`t sing or don`t want to do this because of any other reason, you can read bedtime stories to make your child fall asleep faster. It`s not worse than a lullaby. Nowadays we`re lucky to have an access to so many different stories thus you can choose whatever you want and read it in order to educate your child from an early age. It won`t only be pleasant for kids but will also develop your own pronunciation and diction.

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7. It makes children smarter

Reading books makes us smarter. When children the stories we tell, they learn grammar and vocabulary, for example. It helps them be successful in school as they already know a lot from your stories. What`s more is the that every story has its moral aspect and tells what`s good and what`s bad. In a word, it shows the basic conceptions of society, appropriate behavior and life in general.

These reasons leave no chances to doubt whether to read bedtime stories to your child or not. No matter how tired you are, find a few minutes to read at least one little story to your child. They will thank you in future, I promise. What bedtime story do you like most?