6 Summer Learning Activities for Children of All Ages


Regardless of your child’s age, you, as a mom, should always encourage your little one to never stop learning. Summer is all about fun activities, BBQ and parties, but why not make those activities a little bit more educational? You can teach your child many valuable lessons while enjoying a wonderful summer season. These incredible (and budget-friendly!) summer learning activities will be interesting and fun for both the child and parents. So next time you need to keep your kid entertained and educated, simply try out one of these ideas.

1. Reading

Of course, reading is a top summer learning activity for children who can already read books. Reading books at home may be a boring activity, while reading at library may seem more appealing to your child. Parents should teach their children to love books as earlier as possible. It doesn’t mean buy lots of books; it mean spend at least one a week reading at your local library.

2. Enjoying the natural beauty of the world

I often hear children saying,”What a terrible weather today,” “It’s pointless to watch the stars or the birds,” “Spending a day in the park is just a waste of time.” Well, I can’t blame those kids for telling those things and I can’t judge their parents, but I think parents should teach their children to enjoy the natural beauty of the world. Summer is a great season to teach your child to fall in love with nature. Moreover, you should teach your child to love and appreciate animals and insects.

3. Gardening

When I was a child, my grandma never allowed me to help her in the garden. She said that this activity is not for children. My mom had another point of view and she involved me in all aspects of gardening almost each day. She taught me how to plant and grow fruits and vegetables and it was always interesting for me to spend more time in the garden. I’m so grateful to my mom for this lesson. Now, every summer my family enjoys fruits and vegetables we grow ourselves. If you have a garden, let your child help you plant flowers, fruits and vegetables. Not only will they learn some gardening skills, they will also learn how to eat healthily.

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4. Exercise

There are many ways to exercise as a family, especially during the summer season. Running, jogging, swimming, squats, jumping rope, lunges and hiking are all great options, but keep in mind that you exercise with your child so don’t overdo it. Children should know that exercising and healthy eating are the keys to a healthier, longer life. My family loves nature hikes since my children have a great opportunity to see new plants, insects, birds and sometimes animals.

5. Grocery shopping

As ridiculous as it may sound, my friend, who is now 27 years old, is afraid to grocery shop. Her husband always shops for groceries and usually does it alone. The thing is, she says that her parents taught her that grocery shopping is a hard and responsible task and it’s not for her. She still can’t overcome this fear. Grocery shopping with children is a huge challenge, but it’s never too early to start teaching your child how to grocery shop frugally and manage money properly.

6. Exploring local museums

Nowadays museums are not as popular as they were 10-20 years ago, but they are great places to help your child to learn many interesting things, including history, science, space, art and music. This learning activity is perfect for rainy days and suitable for children of all ages. I don’t know about your local museums, but there are many museums that open their doors for free so you don’t need to spend money to educate yourself and your little one.

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When you set a good example, it easier to teach your child to be active, eat healthy, read books and love nature. These six summer learning activities are perfect for the days when you need to keep your kids entertained without spending a lot of money. Remember, a family time is not about money, it’s about things you do together. What other ideas can you share with us?