7 Signs Your Children Are Truly Happy


No matter how you slice it, childhood is the best and the most careless stage of human life. It’s the time when you think less, feel more and enjoy every day spent in the company of your best friends. We are adults already and it’s our turn to carry a heavy burden of life on our shoulders to make the childhood of our kids better and happier than ours.

But how can you understand that your child is happy? Kids will never give you a definite answer, because they don’t know what real happiness is. I think that everyday care and financial provision are the basic responsibilities of all parents, but not the main. Parents also have a direct responsibility for the happiness and emotional well-being of their kids. As role models, they should build an emotional connection with their kids to read their emotions and subconscious signals.

From time to time, it’s necessary to pay due attention to children’s behaviors, unusual actions, words and habits, because they’re the most informative indicators of either happiness or misery. If you don’t know what children’s behaviors reflect their happiness, then read on the article. Here are 7 behavioral signs your kids are completely satisfied with their lives.

1. They can be a little bit messy

Happy children are open to everything around. They actively interact with the world, but this process doesn’t let them always remain neat and tidy. Children cannot keep the balance between tidiness and relaxedness, because they’re not as wise, experienced and knowledgeable as their parents yet. Without a doubt, they’ll master this crucially important skill and grow wiser with age. But now they can easily get dirty and don’t even notice that something is wrong.

When I was a child, I adored walking through the puddles with my friends. We were the happiest people on the planet. But when I came back home, my mom’s remarks quickly got my head out of the clouds of happiness. So don’t get angry with your little ones when they are not as neat as you want them to be.

2. It’s difficult to get them to sleep

Good night’s sleep is a cherished dream of almost every adult. Active and happy children have other dreams and prefer not to stick to adults’ rules and routines. They usually sleep well, but cannot get used to the habit of going to bed on time. You shouldn’t raise the alarm, though, this problem won’t last forever. Psychologists say that children begin developing the awareness of their thoughts, feelings and maintain an inner dialogue with age. Their abilities to dream and imagine will make the process of falling asleep more colorful and interesting. Don’t scold your naughty fidgets. You’d better try to accustom them to a new and healthy bedtime.

3. They want too much

I’ve noticed that happy children often become demanding just like their parents. At first, they want to be carried in their parents’ arms and always be the focus of attention of others. These kids usually get a great deal of kick out of playing and walking with their parents. Plus, they often say the phrases “I want” and “I don’t want”, without getting capricious.

On the contrary, they become more sensitive and open to their parents’ pieces of advice, respect adults and learn to compromise in one or another disputable situation. If your children behave the same way, you shouldn’t think that their ego is out of control. Exactingness at an early age is the sign of psychological comfort. Parents should remember that they boost their children’s self-esteem and prove them that they’re not alone by taking the kids’ points of view into consideration and satisfying their small needs and demands.

Children who experience lack of parents’ love, care and attention, usually fear to tell them about their desires and needs, because the level of trust and mutual understanding inside the family is low.

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4. Try to do everything like adults do

Constant striving for both physical and mental growth is inherent in the very nature of every child. Otherwise, human development would be impossible. Step by step, children become the masters of imitation. They imitate the words, habits and behaviors of adults, because parents and older siblings are their role models.

Have you ever noticed how your kid tried your clothes on, or used your makeup products? What was your reaction? Psychologists recommend parents to play up to their kids, but control the situation, if they want them to remain happy. Of course, children’s assistance may cause you a lot of physical and emotional discomfort, but as a parent you should undergo this challenging stage of life to help your kids grow up without annoying fears, diffidence and stereotypes.

5. They draw big pictures

Almost all children have incredibly rich imagination. They’re fond of drawing, because they find this activity extremely interesting. Parents also find it advantageous and useful. According to many researches, drawing can reflect the level of children’s development and reveal their states of mind. If your child dedicates too much time to drawing, then try to attach significance to their pictures. It will give you an opportunity to plunge into their imaginative world for a while and understand what problems or inner conflicts are roaming in their subconscious mind.

What do happy children prefer to draw? Neither colors nor details are important. Happy children usually draw big in size pictures, starting from the middle of the paper, because they’re used to be in the spotlight. Kids who don’t feel a sense of significance in their family usually draw small pictures in the corner of the paper.

6. It’s difficult to choose a fairy tale for them

Happy children will never take enjoyment in reading or listening to one and the same fairy tale. Just like all successful people, they’re always looking for something new and better. Every evening they yearn to get into new adventures and explore the world with brave, beautiful and magic characters. The kids who’re addicted to one fairy tale can suffer from an inner conflict that’s described in the story. They try to find the answer and the solution to the issue through listening to their favorite old story.

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7. They like to blow their own trumpet

This is the common habit of all children who live in happy and successful families. They cannot imagine their day without boasting about skills they’ve already mastered and proving everyone that they’re best of the best. This kind of boasting helps them feel respected and significant, and motivates them to reach many other goals in future. The ones who grew up in modest circumstances often turn into miserable people who cannot make a step towards success due to their fears and stereotypes.

The smile of a happy child is the best and the most beautiful thing in the world. As a parent, you should do your best to bring up a successful person. Try to pay considerable attention to their lives, activities, hobbies, interests and you’ll have an opportunity to solve their problems and help them find their place under the sun. Do you find your kids happy?