6 Mistakes Moms Commit When Trying to Give Their Kids the Best


We work hard to ensure our kids will have a happy future but sometimes end up harming them instead of helping. Surely, we want to be better than our parents and change the way they raised us, but let’s not overdo it. Modern kids are a lot spoiled and this is a parents’ fault. When trying to give your kids the best, avoid committing the following mistakes. Your children will thank you in future.

1. Moaning about your miserable life in front of them

Parents should never complain about their problems in front of their children. Otherwise, children may think that life is miserable and they grow up with pessimistic attitudes. No matter what problems you have, try to cope with them without kids. If you need to discuss a problem with your children, do it carefully.

2. Purchasing too many gifts

Modern kids want it all and at once. Just because they are tired or ashamed of their old toys, smartphones, clothes or furniture does not mean you should run into debts to purchase everything they want. Perhaps you are a busy mom who has no time for having fun with kids, but gifts will not help them become better. You will only spoil them.

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3. Letting them control your life

Although children are the most important people in your life, do not allow them to control your life. You have the right to do what makes you happy. Yes, you are a mom and you have to stick to certain rules. But do not give up on your dreams and hobbies. Doing what your children want will only make them feel like kings or queens. Assert your authority and set the necessary boundaries.

4. Allowing them to avoid responsibilities

Unless your child is 5 years old, they are never too young to take little responsibilities. They should know how to keep the house clean and when to clean their room. They should know when to go to bed and wake up.

Finally, they should know that education is crucial because parents will not support them forever. Stop protecting them from work and responsibilities. Start preparing them for a successful adult life from early childhood.

5. Allowing them to be ungrateful

Teach your children to be grateful for everything they have – from the food on their plate to the cool smartphone they have. Many parents feel disappointed when they see their children grow up ungrateful and self-absorbed.

To prevent it, set a good example and show your children how grateful you and your husband are. Cultivate gratitude on a daily basis. Be thankful for everything you have and do not compare your family to others.

Volunteering at shelters is one of the most effective ways to instill an attitude of gratitude in your children. They will see that many people have nothing in life but still they are incredibly grateful.

6. Instilling a love of money in children

We all love money and never stop wanting to earn more. Then, we wonder why our children are so obsessed with money too. It does not matter whether you have a lot of money or you live paycheck to paycheck, do not entrust your children with lots of money.

Teach them how to budget correctly and avoid overspending. Remember, kids do not need money to live happy lives. Moreover, you do not have to pay them for their love. Make sure, there are less money talks in your family.

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Moms want to give their kids the best, but they do not realize that their little ones have everything they need to feel loved and happy. Eliminate bad habits from your family and learn to live a grateful life full of great memories, not financial problems. Children may feel angry, irritated and frustrated now, but they will definitely thank you down the road.