10 Ways to Teach Children to Be Eco-Conscious


Habits form early on. Whether good or bad, habits stick to us like gum on a shoe. Instilling healthy eco-friendly habits is best started young. It’s our job as guardians of the planet and as parents to ensure the Earth’s health as well as the health of our children (and our children’s children’s children).

Embark on an eco-conscious lifestyle with your kids for a perfect opportunity to bond and play together. Instead of making these activities like a chore, make them fun experiences so your younglings are more likely to continue the behavior in the future.

1. Start a compost bin

Anything that prevents more garbage in landfills is a huge plus. Starting a compost bin is a fun way to teach kids how to go green. Red wiggler worms are fun to watch and kids have blast holding and/or being grossed out by them. It’s surprisingly much easier than people think. If you have any questions about vermiculture, there are so many great resources online that can walk you through the process. The compost from red wigglers is the ultimate elixir for your indoor plants or garden which increases plant health and encourages growth. Worm composting is a great segue to teach about eco-consciousness. If worms creep you out, there are so many other easy ways to compost. From a scrap pile in the backyard to a simple countertop compost tin. There are really no more excuses for throwing away organic material and enlisting kids is a great incentive to start composting.