7 Ways to Protect Your Child from Internet Hazards


2. Pay attention to your child’s emotional state

Cyber bullying has a significant negative impact on children’s mental health. But how can you understand that your kid is the victim of cyber hooligans? You’re a parent and the only one who knows your child very well. Every day you should pay attention to their words, actions and analyze everything happening in their lives. Sometimes strange emotions or unusual behaviors can be the signs of a problem hidden somewhere in the depth of their scared and confused eyes.

Many children tend to draw the curtain on their life issues and often feel shame about asking for help, especially when it comes to their personal life. They may look dispirited during the day and show reluctance to attend school or communicate with others. Realize that chronic stress and isolation from normal interaction with others can lead to psychological disorders.

If you notice that your kid behaves strangely after spending a few hours in front of the computer, you should break the silence and talk to them, trying to understand what is going on. Do your best to reassure the child that everything you talk about will remain confidential. If there’s no trust in relationship between you and your kid, you’ll never know the truth.