7 Ways to Eliminate the Thirst for Consumerism in Your Children


Whether we like it or not, but consumerism continues to gain momentum in almost all spheres of modern life. It conquers the minds of adults and exerts huge influence on the development and personal growth of younger generation.

Modern advertising uses effective psychological techniques to prove both adults and children that material things and wealth are the key elements of self-confidence, stability, pleasure and satisfaction in life. This propaganda gives birth to the thirst for consumerism in children’s hearts.

It makes them think that their parents have to buy them everything they want. If they cannot reach the goals imposed by the society, they simply fall into depression. But indulging the child’s appetites and inability to say ‘no’ only compounds the problem. Read on to find out how to put your kids the right way up.

1. Show your kids that it is possible to have fun without money

Financial well-being opens the doors to many opportunities and makes our life colorful and carefree. But it is a mistake to believe that everything is measured only in money. Try to play and have fun with your children as much time as possible. But do it without throwing money at it.

Without a doubt, it will take you a while to come up with something special and deviate from routine, but the result is worth it. Free and unbelievably involving games or activities will open your kids’ eyes to the truth. In a quite short period of time, they will understand that having fun and spending money are mutually exclusive things.

2. Teach them to give a helping hand

If you think that this point does not relate to the problem of consumerism, then you are mistaken. Indeed, the habit of helping the others has a healing effect on modern people. Your task is to plant the seed of kindness in your children.

The more they support their friends, family members and older people, the more kind-hearted and compassionate they become. Compassionate personalities often forget about their fleeting desires, because they spend a lot of time thinking about how to help their dearest and nearest.

Kindness and compassion are wonderful and noble qualities, but you should not go too far, because sometimes they can have a negative influence on children’s self-esteem. Your kids should keep in mind that their own needs and interests cannot be forgotten.

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3. Teach them to find happiness within themselves

The desire to buy more and more things germinates in the hearts of people due to the sense of dissatisfaction in life and inner emptiness. They mistakenly believe that material goods will fill the void and make their lives more meaningful. Both you and your children should realize that money doesn’t bring happiness.

Explain to your children that happiness consists of a peaceful mind, tranquility, optimism, gratitude, kindness and harmonious relations with others. Make it a habit of talking about positive experiences with your kids and discussing the things you are grateful for.

4. Help them find a hobby

One more thing that can fill the emptiness inside and lower the level of consumerism in your child’s soul is a hobby. Creation of something useful and doing what they like significantly reduce the need to have more and change their worldview in a profound way.

If you are sure that they do not have an ability to create beauty with their own hands, then teach them to give joy and unforgettable impressions to people they love. Help them choose the right hobby, because many children do not have even the remotest idea what they’d enjoy doing and what they are good at.

5. Watch what you say

If you keep complaining about your colleague’s success and telling your family that her car, house, clothes or electronic gadgets are much better than yours, you will never achieve the desired result, because such, at first glance, harmless complaints add fuel to the issue. They start thinking and believing that expensive things are the indicators of the success.

Instead of blaming the Internet and other sources of information for misleading your children, pay more attention to what you say. It is crucially important because kids absorb and analyze everything they hear at home.

6. Look for less material ways to reward them

It is okay to reward children for doing better in school and other achievements. Many parents tend to reward their kids materially, thus following the path of least resistance. They believe that such kind of motivation helps children overcome barriers and pursue the goals.

Unfortunately, many of them do not realize that this approach gradually turns children into self-interested consumers. Instead of buying expensive things, give them a splendid rest and unforgettable impressions. Children will certainly appreciate it because they like when their parents make room for them.

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7. Strengthen your family values

Every civilized family without exception has its system of values. Parents maintain, strengthen and give these values forward to the next generation because they find them extremely important. If you want your child to adopt your set of family values, you should talk to them about it a lot.

Try to explain them what does every value mean and how one should stick to them. Understanding the importance of moral values and ability to apply them in everyday life help children to realize that the best and the most important free things in life are priceless.

For sure, the process of eliminating the thirst for consumerism is long and complicated. If you stick to the pieces of advice mentioned above and treat the problem with patience, your efforts won’t be in vain. What else can we do to eradicate the seed of consumerism in children?