10 Things Your Seven-Year-Old Child Is Up To


Your child is seven years old, no longer a baby but not quite a pre-teen either and while every child progresses differently, there are certain milestones you should see by now or can expect to see in the future. Life is definitely going to be interesting for both of you. Read on for ten things your seven-year-old child is up to these days.

1. They are big talkers

By age seven, your child has a vocabulary of several thousand words. If they have been big readers up to this point, you can expect an even larger number thanks to their literacy level. They are beginning to fully understand and recognize sounds, patterns, meanings, and uses of language.

2. Math skills are improving

Seven-year-olds have strong numbers sense and estimation abilities so they can do basic addition and subtraction and can even apply skills to solve word problems. They are using rulers to measure units and understand how to measure angles and other shapes.

3. They are becoming athletic

This is when children really start to use their motor skills in sports. Whether they are kicking a ball or swinging a bat, their physical activity is becoming more structured thanks to their well-developed hand-eye coordination. Make sure you are pushing them to be active so they will excel in the future.

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4. They can read a clock and calendar

Seven-year-olds can tell time by reading a clock. They also know the days, months, and seasons of the calendar. If your little one has trouble naming them, do not ignore it.

5. They are complex thinkers

By this age, children use serious, logical thinking and have become more thoughtful and reflective. Your child may ask a lot of questions as they are trying to figure out the world around them. Or they may sit in silence as they contemplate life’s mysteries. Seven-year-olds are real complex thinkers.

6. They are becoming more social

Seven-year-olds are starting to really like having and making friends and have developed a true social life. They are learning to treat their peers with respect and how to handle their emotions. Not only that, they are also learning to understand the emotions and feelings of others.

7. Reading levels are rising

By now, your child should be reading at a second-grade level. They can recognize certain words by sight and can apply their reading comprehension skills to read with greater speed, accuracy, and expression. Reading is hopefully a fun activity for them now and something they like to do independently.

8. They are becoming more artistic

Children given more exposure and practice in the art by seven years old can create their own art displaying realistic objects that reflect their culture and experience. They have also developed into performers by now and probably enjoy putting on shows for an audience.

9. They can focus longer

Seven-year-olds have developed a longer attention span by now. This focus means they can better handle last-minute changes and can tolerate less-detailed instructions.

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10. They are fragile

While your child may look older now, they are still pretty fragile. At this age, it is common for them to strive for perfection and to be harshly critical of themselves. They may worry more and have low self-confidence.

This may lead to strong emotional reactions or the tendency to complain. But they also take direction well at this age, so try to help them through those times with gentleness and understanding.

Being seven years old has its ups and downs, as with any age. Try to help your growing child by showing them support and also giving them room to learn and explore on their own. Trust me, they still love and need you. They just need a little space to figure this crazy life out on their own, too.