10 Reasons Why Child Adoption Is a Great Option


There are two core reasons behind any decision to adopt a child – the desire to raise a family and the need to give a child a loving home. These two reasons are only a small part of why the decision to adopt is as good as it is, though. Here are ten reasons why child adoption might be the best option.

1. It gives a chance

The adoption possibility gives many non-traditional couples a chance. For male same-sex couples, giving birth on their own is not an option. Adoption is one of their main hopes. They get to raise a family and care for their own children, too. 

2. Adoption makes it possible for anyone to try parenthood

While the rules that govern adoptions are different for single people, single adoptions are permitted in every state of the U.S. Adoption also makes it possible for many other hopeful parents to raise a child – older parents and parents who have lost a child, included.

3. Adopting lets you grow

While any kind of parenting does help you grow, adopting comes with unique challenges. Learning to love a child whom you did not give birth to, you often need to be more tolerant, patient, resourceful, and open-minded than you would be if you had your own child.  

4. You get to adopt a child of any age

Some parents are not in a position to give up several years of their lives to raise a very young infant. Yet, they have the love and the will to welcome a child into their family. With adoption, it is possible to bring into your family an older child who is reasonably independent. 

5. You get to set an example to the world

The U.S. has more than half a million children who do not have permanent families. One of the four children in orphanages grow to the age of 18 without a high school diploma. Adoption gives you a chance to make a strong statement to your friends and family that these children matter. 

6. You get to not take health risks

Many parents so desperately wish to raise a family that they will overlook the fact that they have serious genetic conditions. Some families do end up seeing their children suffer from those conditions. If these parents were to consider adoption, they would not need to run the risk of having children who grow up to suffer. 

7. Adoption helps with racial integration

When people decide to adopt, they get to step outside of their own racial background – the familiar Diff’rent Strokes situation. Interracial adoptions tend to contribute powerfully to the maturing of society. 

8. Adoptive parenting feels wonderful

Research by The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation shows that parents raising adopted children feel a great deal of satisfaction at finally having a family. Their studies prove that 93% of U.S. parents who have adopted would definitely do it again. 

9. Employers are beginning to offer adoption benefits

Drugmaker Eli Lilly, Wendy’s, MBNA America and many other companies now offer their employees adoption benefits. Usually, the benefits included take care of at least half the costs involved in the adoption process. It is a way for these employers to demonstrate that they recognize the value of adoption. 

10. Tax benefits

Having your own child is not financially rewarding – babies are expensive, after all. When you adopt a child, though, the government cuts you a tax break.

Each child that you adopt comes with $12,000 worth of tax credits. If you have special adoption needs – international adoption or the adoption of a special needs child – you get even more. Just do not do it for money, though. You should love a child you are going to adopt. Do not do it for money only.