14 Undeniable Reasons Your Mom Is Your Best Friend


Have you ever had days when you just needed your mom? There is something about a mom that no one can ever replace. She has that certain something that can’t be duplicated. No one but mom will do.

There are all kinds of moms in the world, but a mom who is your best friend is one you will want to keep close by. Here are fourteen reasons why your mom is your best friend.

1. She knows the trials and tribulations of being a woman

She has been there. She has done that. She knows the pains, physically and emotionally, that women go through because she has experienced it herself. She understands.

2. She knows you

Your mom knows you. She knows your dreams and your desires. She knows when you are not yourself and when you are on top of your game. She knows just about everything there is to know about you.

3. She is your confidante

If your mom is your best friend, you will be able to tell her things you do not want others to know. You can tell her your deepest, darkest secrets and be sure that no one will know about them.

4. She stands by you through thick and thin

She will be right there next to you no matter what you are going through – whether it be difficult times or prosperous times. She is your loyal ally.

5. She will hold your hand when no one else will

When it feels as if no one understands or cares, she does and will hold your hand until you feel strong enough on your own again. She will give you the time and space you need, but will never let you fall.

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6. She lets you cry on her shoulder

If you need a shoulder to cry on, your mom is the first one in line. She wants to be there and take away the sadness you are enduring. She knows that she can’t possibly do that so she will let you cry as you need to.

7. She loves you to the moon and back

Your mom’s love for you is as far as the moon is from the earth and then back again. It is literally endless.

8. She forgives you

Even in your most despicable you, she will forgive you because she loves you. She does not need you to apologize. She forgives.

9. She thinks you are beautiful even in your ugliest times

She will tell others just how beautiful you are even when you feel you are the ugliest person in the world. Even if your behavior is ugly toward her, she will still swear you are beautiful.

10. She admires you

She will want to be just like you when she grows up. You inspire her to be a better person.

11. She listens to your heart

Sometimes mom is the only one who will truly listen to your heart. Others just might give you lip service, but your mom gives you heart service.

12. She loves you unconditionally

No matter what you do or have done, she will love you. Her love is not based on specific conditions or actions you perform or meet.

13. She will do whatever it takes to protect you

She can’t help it. It is that mama bear instinct in her that wants to protect no matter what. You can count on her to have your best interests at heart.

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14. She will die for you

Need I say more? Your mom is always ready to give her own life for you. When it comes to your life, she is not afraid of anything.

For those of us who are lucky enough to have our moms in our lives, we can cherish the thought of knowing that we can count on her to be our best friend for all eternity. Let your mom know how much you love and appreciate her, and not only on Mother’s Day.