10 Amazing Family Traditions to Adopt


Traditions are a great way to create lasting memories while strengthening the family unit. Most adults can think of some family traditions that they celebrated while growing up, and they have likely incorporated these events into their lives as adults. If you need some tips on developing family traditions for your loved ones, there is a wide variety from which you can choose.

1. Family meals

A nightly family meal is a great way for you and your loved ones to reconnect after a long day. Turn off the TV and make sure all cell phones are away from the table. Use this time to talk about the highs and lows of your day while reconnecting with your family.

2. Start a scrapbook

A scrapbook is a fun way for families to reminisce about the interesting things that they’ve done together. Get a camera and start documenting your adventures. Then, pick out some scrapbook paper and supplies and work on the pages together. You will create a great book of memories that everyone in your family can be proud of.

3. Go camping each summer

An annual summer camping trip is a great event for your kids to look forward to. Take a few days to get away from the hustle and bustle of normal life, and cherish the time that you have as a family. Plan activities like fishing and canoeing, and end your day roasting marshmallows around a warm campfire.

4. Plan family game or movie night

Make Friday night your family night, and plan a fun activity to help you and your kids to wind down at the end of a hectic week. Choose kid-friendly movies, camp out in the living room with popcorn, and cuddle up. If your family isn’t into movies, make some snacks and get out board games for a game night.

5. Start a holiday countdown

Children get especially excited when the holidays are approaching, so build on this excitement by starting a holiday countdown. As a family, create a numbered chart showing how many days are left until your next favorite holiday, and then each morning unveil the new number together.

6. Read a story before bed

Story time is a great way to spend quality time with your children while establishing a positive bedtime routine. After your children have gotten ready for bed, gather together to read a book before they go off to sleep. Choose picture books for younger children, and for older kids, read a chapter per night of a longer book.

7. Start a family collection

While you and your kids probably have different interests, find a hobby that you all enjoy and start a collection. You could look for old coins together or collect stamps, postcards, or magnets. The type of collection does not matter, just as long as you are hunting for items and discussing your finds together.

8. Back-to-school shopping

Most children remember having to go back-to-school shopping in the summer, so make it a positive memory that your child will look back upon fondly. Take your child out of town to a large mall for the day, and let him choose his favorite restaurant for lunch or dinner. You can also make an entire weekend out of the event by spending the night at a motel with a pool.

9. Start a garden

As the winter weather subsides and spring begins, your kids will likely be antsy to get outside. Use this energy to create a family garden. Make sure that each family member lends a hand in planting, watering, and weeding the garden. If you plant fruits and vegetables, you can also find interesting recipes so that you can all enjoy your harvest.

10. Take after-dinner walks

An after-dinner walk is a great way for your family to get some exercise. Walking can help with digestion, and it can re-energize everyone in your family so that you will all feel ready to tackle homework and household chores when you get home. Best of all, you will be spending some quality time with your loved ones.

Family traditions do not have to be elaborate or expensive. By developing some simple traditions in your home, you will be able to get more enjoyment out of your time together as a family.