10 Tricks to Motivate Your Child to Do Chores


Getting your kids to do chores helps your household run more efficiently and your children learn responsibility. Having every member of your family work together to keep the house clean also builds a sense of teamwork.

Still, sometimes kids can be resistant to pitching in. When that is the case, employ one of these tricks for motivating children to do chores.

1. Create a punch card

It’s always exciting to get something free at the end of a punch card, whether it is a complementary coffee or a free sandwich. Give your kids a chore punch card. After 10 chores are completed (and ten holes punched), give them a small surprise.

2. Change the WiFi password

When you can’t get cooperation from your kids about getting chores done, consider changing the WiFi password at home. Do not allow kids access to the Internet again until all their chores are complete.

3. Start with small chores

Get your kids used to chores by starting out with small tasks. Little ones may be more motivated to help out around the house if the chore at hand does not seem too complicated or even insurmountable.

4. Start young

Making chores a habit is best accomplished by starting a chore schedule when your kids are young. Older kids can certainly learn to help with chores, but teaching toddlers to clean up will make it easier to motivate them when they are older.

5. Turn it into a game

Get your kids to compete against each other. Award points for the number of chores completed, or give more points for bigger chores. At the end of the week, let the winner watch an extra hour of TV or enjoy another reward.

6. Give them a choice

Sometimes simply the power of choice can motivate kids to help out. Rather than assigning out chores, give kids two or three options to choose from. While participating in chores may not be optional, deciding which one to do every week can be.

7. Offer a small financial reward

Offering money to do chores may seem like a bribe, but in fact, it can teach kids financial responsibility. Giving kids a few dollars once a chore is successfully completed can turn into the beginnings of understanding how to earn a living and budget funds.

8. Withhold social events

Getting together with friends, especially as a teenager, is a powerful motivator. Do not let your kids go to their next planned party or special event if the chores do not get done.

9. Do not pick up their slack

If your kids fail to do their chores, do not pick up the slack. If the trash does not go out, it will start to stink. If laundry does not get done, they will have nothing to wear. Sometimes seeing the consequences of not doing a chore may be the biggest motivation your kids need.

10. Do not micromanage

If your kids feel like they can never do chores the “right” way, they may not be motivated to try very hard. After giving some guidelines, try to step back and let your children take over and complete the task.

Rather than micromanaging, let your kids feel the sense of accomplishment of successfully finishing the chore in their own way.

Doing chores around the house is not anyone’s favorite part of the day, but when everyone chips in the house can be clean in no time. Getting your kids involved is important to their understanding of responsibility and working as a team. With these tips and tricks, your entire family can figure out a chore system that works for you.