15 Fabulous Elf on the Shelf Ideas to Try This Christmas


Both kids and adults are going crazy for elf on the shelf this year, and many parents have trouble hiding those little creatures around the house. Celebrities, such as Alyssa Milano, Busy Phillips, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kylie Jenner, and Tori Spelling, take this modern tradition to the next level by dressing elves in knitted mermaid tails, creating an elf on the shelf red carpet premiere, and making elves play some reindeer games, climbing the mirror, or wandering around the kitchen.

If you are obsessed with elf on the shelf, but you are too tired or busy (or lazy) to come up with some creative ideas or you have a hard time hiding the elf every night for your little ones to find it in the morning, check out the following Instagram-inspired ideas:

1. Game Night

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2. Hiding in the Christmas tree

3. … among the scissors

4. Movie night

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5. Fun ride

6. Relaxing in DIY lanterns

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7. Roasting marshmallows

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8. Cute bathroom reminder

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9. Doing the laundry

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10. Cupcake junkie

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11. Underblanket

12. Cozy car date

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13. Sledging

14. Having fun in a ball pit

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15. Or, relaxing in a marshmallow bubble bath

Children love the fun elf on the shelf surprises, so why not get creative together and find a little bit more time to play with them? With all those cooking, shopping, and cleaning tasks, we often forget to enjoy the true spirit of Christmas. So, Merry Christmas!