15 Virtual New Year's Eve Games If Getting Together Is Not in the Cards

2022 Bingo

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We've made jokes all year about our "2022 bingo cards." Make them for real, then draw things like "monkeypox," "pandemic" and "variants" from a hat and go to town over Zoom.

2023 Superlatives

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Who's the most likely to get married or arrested in 2023? Who's most likely to succeed next year?  Get creative!

Never Have I Ever

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Be creative with your questions and have them focused on the past year specifically. Get some ideas here!

Two Resolutions and a Lie

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Similar to Two Truths and a Lie, Two Resolutions and a Lie has a twist: Guess which potential New Year's resolution for 2023 is bogus and which are real.

New Year's Trivia

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See who's the smartest about January 1 in your group. Check out these fun New Year's trivia questions and answers to get ideas.

 New Year's Jeopardy

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Put together your own Jeopardy episode with categories that work for summarizing 2022, and see who can remember events accurately!

New Year's Scattergories

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Try a template like this one and set up a game over video chat.

Jackbox Games

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Groups can play all sorts of games online with Jackbox. Find one that works best for your posse!

All Bad Cards

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Bring on the laughs with All Bad Cards. Need something more family-friendly? Opt for something like Apples to Apples!


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Use an app like Quizbreaker to get to know all of your friends, family, and virtual guests better.

 2022 in Review

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Use these conversation starter cards to spark some spirited chats about the best, worst, funniest, most awkward, or craziest people, places, and events of the past year.

 Virtual Scavenger Hunt

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Make a list of things around the house (or use this template) and send your guests on a search. This is an especially good option if you're playing with families and kids.

2022 Name That Tune

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Make a private playlist of 2022 hits and have your guests guess the artist and song name.

2022 Would You Rather

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Take turns asking each other what you'd rather do in a variety of awkward and bizarre situations, and throw in a 2022 twist.  For example: Would you rather quarantine with your ex or your mother-in-law? Get more Would You Rather ideas here.

2022 Charades

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Act out major events from the past year, whether they're personal (just make sure all of your guests are aware that it happened), historical, or cultural.

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