Trending Christmas Card Photo Ideas 

Make a Snow Angel

One of the simplest winter traditions makes for a very cute Christmas card pic!

Read a Book in Front of the Christmas Tree

There are so many wonderful classic Christmas books out there. Use them to get creative with your next holiday photoshoot.

Head to the Woods

There's no better backdrop than nature! Evergreen trees offer the perfect seasonal photo op.

Break Out the Skis

If your family is big into skiing or snowboarding, be sure to capture your favorite wintery moments in photo form!

Sweeten Things Up with Some Cookies

Christmas calls for all things sweet. So why not add some of that magic to your family Christmas card?

Visit the Big City

Taking Christmas photos at home is a great go-to. But using the nearest big city as your backdrop can be even more dramatic!

Show Your Personality

Who says the holidays have to be super formal? Show off your true self in your Christmas card, no matter how silly it may seem!

Keep It Neutral

We love festive sweaters but a neutral theme and dress code will keep the focus of the picture on you and your loved ones!

Hold Candy Canes

For an extra sweet Christmas photo session with your partner, hold up a pair of candy canes in the shape of a heart—while grabbing a smooch, of course!

Light a Fire

A glowing, roaring fire—either in the fireplace or at a bonfire—is the surest way to add warm ambiance to your Christmas card photo.

Take a Few Sibling Shots

In addition to the photos you’ll take with your whole family, make sure to get some adorable sibling shots as well!

Do a Favorite Winter Activity

Make a favorite winter activity the star of the show in your holiday card. Head to the mountain with your partner or go snowshoeing with your family.  Hire a photographer to capture these moments or ask a photography-savvy pal to come along.

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