Top tips on photographing your family this Christmas

Use Automatic modes

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These automatic modes will give you the best setup for the scene you are filming, creating true-to-life colour and detail.

White balance

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White balance can really adjust the look of vlogs, especially at Christmas time.

Picture controls

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These creative picture controls can also be customized to change the level of contrast, colour, sharpness, brightness and many other qualities. 

Different Lenses

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 A different lens can give you access to different aperture settings.  Aperture is the setting that can allow you to create beautiful blurry backgrounds, which is great for blurry Christmas lights in the background of a video.

Time Lapse

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This can be a great way to capture the decorations being put up in a room, or the Christmas tree being put up with all the lights and decorations.  If cooking is your thing, then Timelapse is a great way to capture the cooking process of a big Christmas dinner too.

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