Tips to Have a Happy and Sustainable Holiday Season


Give Experiences Instead of Things: One thing you can do to cut down on the accumulation of unnecessary stuff is to give gifts of “experiences” rather than items that will eventually be tossed out. 


Shop Local, Shop Online, give Yourself Time, Look for Gifts Without a Lot of Packaging, Give Gift Certificates to Zero Waste stores. 


Ditch the Fancy Wrapping Paper: There are a lot of ways you can wrap holiday gifts without getting the fancy paper wrapping. 

Holiday Cards

Go Digital: Instead of buying and sending paper cards, send ecards, or post on social media like Instagram and Facebook to send holiday greetings to friends and family.

Food and Gatherings

Inviting Friends Over for Food? Plan ahead, shop smart and serve just enough to make everyone happy without wasting food.  Invite Your Guests to BOYRFCs (Bring Your Own Reusable Food Container).

The Tree!

Ornaments, Craft Ornaments, LED lights, Recycle the tree and wreaths.

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