15 Tips for Holiday Baking with Kids


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Embrace the mess. Baking is messy. Adjusting your expectations and accepting the messy reality of holiday baking will make it easier and more fun.


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Memories take time. Instead of trying to squeeze baking in at the end of the day, choose a time when you're not hurried. A weekend afternoon is perfect.


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Create space. Clear off your kitchen counter or island. It may be easier to use a folding table, especially if your counter is too tall for kids to reach.


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Start clean. Wash hands, wipe down counters and work areas, and wash or rinse mixing bowls if necessary.


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No substitutions. Follow the recipe steps and use the recommended ingredients for the best outcome.


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Use the good stuff. Cookies and cakes made with real butter and vanilla taste better.


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Consider a multi-generational baking session. Most grandparents love to bake with grandkids. They can also share funny stories about baking with you.


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Measure ingredients over the sink. This helps prevent accidentally adding too much of an ingredient into your mixing bow.


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Crack eggs into a bowl before adding to your recipe. It's easier to pick out eggshell pieces if the egg is the only thing in the bowl.


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Shortcuts are okay! If your kids are young or easily distracted, use premade refrigerator cookie dough instead of making from scratch or add your own touch to a box mix cake or cookies.


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Let your kids be creative. Trees don't have to be green and it's okay if bells have faces.


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Include the teens in the fun too. Holiday baking isn't just for littles. Bake together as a family or let teens and tweens invite a friend.


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Use a tray to hold cookies you're decorating. The sprinkles will be a little less messy if you decorate over a big serving tray.


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Be careful with the sprinkles. Check to make sure the top's on tight and show your kids how to shake the container. If you don't, they may turn it upside down!


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Relax and have fun. These days don't last forever, but the memories you're making will.

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