Popular Christmas cards Ideas 2023

Do a Favorite Winter Activity

Make a favorite winter activity the star of the show in your holiday card. Head to the mountain with your partner or go snowshoeing with your family.  Hire a photographer to capture these moments or ask a photography-savvy pal to come along.

Color Coordinate

Pick a theme color to carry throughout your Christmas card photos. For the holidays, red is always a home run!

Get Beachy

Whether you live in a sunny locale, or you’re planning on an upcoming beach vacation, get your toes sandy for your Christmas card photo.

Put Your Heads Together

For a unique way to shoot your Christmas card picture, you and your kiddos can lay head-to-head on the floor while a camera captures you from above.

Take a Hike

To add a seasonal, casual feel to your Christmas card picture, allow your favorite hiking trail to act as a gorgeous backdrop.

Wear Festive Hats

You can’t go wrong with Santa hats for any Christmas card photo! Bonus points if you’re wrapped up in a blanket in front of a glittering tree.

Make It Candid

Sure, posed pictures always look polished—but for something a bit more laid-back for your holiday cards, don’t pose. Showcase those moments when you weren’t all smiling at the camera.

Sit with Santa

Is there anything cuter than pictures of your little ones sitting on Santa’s lap? Nope! And they happen to make for lovely holiday cards as well.

Include a Beloved Stuffed Animal

To really include the entire family in the shot, ask your children to hold their favorite stuffed animals. It will be a sweet touch all of your recipients will love.

Make a Truck the Centerpiece

Ree would undoubtedly approve of a red truck as a backdrop for a Christmas photo!  Kiel James Patrick and his family picked a beautiful snowy day to shoot this picture, making the red truck stand out even more.

Get Dressed Up

Photographer Paige Sovic says that “formal is coming back,” and dressing up can make for gorgeous Christmas card photos. She adds, “It’s the perfect time to get really done up and have fun with it, plus it lends to a more elevated Christmas card.”

Wear Your PJs

For an extra dose of fun for your holiday cards, make like Ree and her family and get in your jammies!  Taking a few shots in front of the tree will look cute and casual. (Don’t forget to include your family’s furry friends, too!)

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