Popular Christmas Card Picture Concepts

Snap Pictures in the Snow

If you can, aim to take your Christmas pictures while it’s snowing. Those little flakes will add bonus magic to any photo.

Do Your Homework

Find an aesthetic you love,” Sovic advises. “Look for a photographer who captures families the way you want to remember your own.  It is worth the investment once a year to look back at photos you will love forever.”

Have a Sweet Baking Session

For a sweet-as-sugar scene for your holiday photos, set the timer on your camera and spend an afternoon baking with your kiddos.  It’ll be a charming theme for your Christmas card.

Set a Wintry Scene

For photos that dial back the holiday vibes ever so slightly, think about creating a wintry feel for your pictures.  With snow on the ground, wear your warmest sweaters, get a fire going, and choose a red barn as the backdrop for a pop of color.

Have a Photoshoot at Home

Whether you prefer to hire a pro photographer or ask a pal to take the photos, it can be fun and relaxed to take your holiday photos at home—especially when your décor is as pretty as this!

Color-Coordinate With the Décor

To create a flawless color palette for your Christmas card photos, consider matching your ensembles to the surrounding décor.

Go Casual

While getting dressed up for photos can be really fun, there’s something to be said about super laid-back ones, too.  Get in your coziest duds, don a wintry hat, and enjoy some hot cocoa in front of a lit-up Christmas tree.

Build a Snowman

In your photos, place the focus on an adorable snowman you build yourselves. It’s a snowy scene that’s guaranteed to warm hearts.

"Decorate" Your Kids

With the help of twinkle lights and a tree topper, tell one of your kids to "decorate" the other just like a Christmas tree. It’s sure to be an LOL moment!

Use Fun Props

For a lighthearted touch, don’t forget props! Giant candy canes, Santa hats, and reindeer antlers will make your photos look even more spirited and fun.

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