8 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for the Whole Family

Discovering a New Language

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If your kid is part of a world language learning program at school, try tackling the lessons together as a family this helps their grades while giving parents quality time with their kids. 

Family Fitness

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Sometimes it feels like kids have limitless energy reserves.  Shrewd parents can use that to their advantage by making this year’s resolution physical fitness!

Reading Together

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Even though we all know it’s important, many people just don’t have the time to sit down and read.  Making it a family activity may help you to make room in a busy schedule for quiet story time. 


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If children are the future, they’re going to need some place to live!  Having an environmental goal as your family resolution will have everyone thinking about how to make better decisions for the planet. 

Travel Adventures

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Making a big family trip a year-long goal not only creates a schedule for you to follow but also builds anticipation for the event.

Family Journal

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Journaling is something a lot of people struggle to do.  If the family is in on the task together, it can turn what used to be a boring chore into a fun nightly event! 

Mindful Eating

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If junk food is the primary item in your pantry, a resolution about mindful eating may be just what your family needs.  The family can practice better consumption habits while teaching kids how important it is to know what they put in their bodies. 

Family Game Nights

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One of the hardest things for families to do is make time for each other.  Scheduling a family game night guarantees that kids and adults plan around it and makes it an event to look forward to. 

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