Make This Holiday Season Extra Special with These Trending Christmas Traditions

Choose a Fun Tree Topper 

You can choose your own tree topper based on something important to your family (like the dinosaur topper pictured here, which can be found on Etsy).  Or, better yet, you can make one yourself!

Host a Christmas Movie Marathon

In December, have every person in the family pick a favorite, then either take a weekend to binge them all, or watch one a week leading up to Christmas.  You can even design a bingo card to keep track of movie tropes.

Visit a Christmas Tree Farm

This year's Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is a Norway Spruce — what will yours be? 

Spread a Little Magic With Elf on the Shelf

No doubt, come December your feeds are filled with elves that get up to mischief in the night.

Use a Nutcracker

You only get to use one of these bad boys this time of year. Better (carefully) make the most of it.

Send Santa a Letter

A letter to the North Pole is probably the best (and most long-lasting) way to get in touch with St. Nick. 

Start a Holiday-Themed Collection

Some people collect holiday dishes, like Spode, Lenox or Nikko.  Others gravitate towards designer collections, like ornaments from Christopher Radko or decorations from Annalee. 

Go Caroling (or Host a Sing-Along at Home)

Print out some lyrics, fire up a playlist and get ready to belt out your favorites.

Look for Decked Halls on Christmas Eve

Take a stroll and check out all the decorations.  "On Christmas Eve, we walk the neighborhood to look at lights and sing our favorite Christmas songs," says mom Anne F. It helps to move around a bit before you settle in for the big Christmas Eve feast.

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