Ideas of New Year's resolutions for all family members to set for themselves in 2023

Cuddle More

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It's common to undervalue the power a simple cuddle can have.  However, even scientists agree that hugs are good for the heart. 

Focus On A Passion, Not The Way You Look

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If you are in it for a long time, focus on how it makes you feel rather than how it makes you look. 

Every Week, Turn Off Your Phone For One Night

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Switching off your phone once in a while or putting it on “do not disturb” mode before bed is a beneficial habit to develop this upcoming year.  There’s nothing that can’t wait till the morning.

Travel On A Low Budget

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When you travel on a tight budget, you may see more destinations for the same amount or even less.  For instance, purchasing a half-day guided tour may be significantly more expensive than paying just the entry ticket to the exact location. 

Each Night, Make A List Of Things For Which You Are Grateful

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Making a list of our blessings, which none of us do nearly as often as we should, can change how we view our life, loved ones, friends, and the things we like most.  In a sense, gratitude is a gift that keeps on giving. 

Put Some Of Your Earnings Into Savings Or Investments

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Having savings gives you more freedom and security in life. If you don’t have a concrete objective for the money, it may be challenging to set aside a portion of your income in a savings account.

Visit The Dentist As Soon As It's Time

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Make an appointment with your dentist regularly rather than only when you need urgent dental care. Other than treating problems, dentists are also able to prevent them. 

Clean Up Your Personal Items

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Thus, cell phones rank among the dirtiest items we come into contact with on a daily basis.  Even dirtier than a toilet seat and a checkout screen at your local grocery store.

Avoid Those Who Constantly Complain

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People who whine a lot all the time also affect those around them.  Without recognizing it, people think and act negatively and pessimistically project these feelings onto others, a phenomenon psychologists refer to as "projective identification."


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According to studies, daily meditation helps reduce stress, anxiety, and numerous health problems, such as high blood pressure, a condition nearly half of adults in the United States suffer from. 

Do Stretches

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Stretching, according to research, may improve mood and cognitive function, making people feel more at ease and task-focused. 

Every Night, Go To Bed With Joy

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Multiple studies (1, 2) have associated gratitude with a more positive outlook, happiness, lower stress levels, and thus better health.

Weekly Meal Prep Planner With Grocery Lists

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While initially, meal prepping may seem like a hassle, in the long term, it will enable you to save time and money. 

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