28 Helpful Tips for Fitness and Nutrition

Get strong and healthy in no time with these easy, actionable tips.

Eat a healthy breakfast

Use Sunscreen for Outdoor Workouts

Find a Workout Buddy

Stay Hydrated

Relieve Those Achy Muscles

Up Your Fiber Intake

Choose a Supportive Sports Bra

Fuel for Fitness

Know When to Weigh Yourself—And How Often

Pick Your Perfect Tunes

Protect Yourself from Chafing

Say Goodbye to Peer Pressure

Opt for Healthier Snack and Fast Food Options

Savor Your Carbs

Relieve Those Side Stitches

Wear Comfortable Sneakers

Don't Stress If You Go Beyond Your Calorie Needs

Work Out Consistently

Know When to Make Changes To Your Exercise Routine

Curb Your Sweet Tooth

Plan Your Runs Ahead of Time

Swap Out Your Shoes When Necessary

Keep Your Portions in Check

Stock Your Fridge with Healthy Foods

Then Run Prepared

Add Some Spice to Your Food

Sip Slowly

Eat after you exercise

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