Get Ahead of the Trends: 2023 Christmas Party Ideas for a Festive Bash

Hot Chocolate Party

Set up a hot chocolate bar and let your friends and family have at it! 

A Very Country Christmas Party

If you're a proud country dweller, this might be your kind of party! 

Christmas Dinner Party

Who says you have to relegate the fun to the daytime hours?  Host a Christmas dinner party with all the bells and whistles.

Fondue Party

What better way to warm up than with a pot of fondue—and a circle of smiling friends around it?

Salt Dough Crafting Party

Salt dough is one of the easiest materials to work with, whether you use it to make ornaments or other figurines. 

Christmas Card Writing Party

Give your guests a few pre-made cards to write in or let them craft their very own at this cute party. 

Wreath-Making Party

Supply your guests with all the supplies they need, then let their creativity take over in this fun party idea!  Flat wood rounds, wooden balls, floral craft rings, plus colorful craft paint and diamond dust glitter are a few must-haves.

Christmas Tree Decorating Parties

Why decorate your tree alone?  Invite friends from near and far to join you in the fun. 

Eggnog Party

Serve up a batch of fresh gingerbread cookies and create a serve-yourself eggnog bar complete with cinnamon and nutmeg toppings and even different "flavors." 

Pampering Party

Treat yourself to professional services or get inspired to do your own nails, hair, makeup. 

White Elephant Gift Exchange

Be sure to invite a group of at least six or more people and set a cap for how much each present should cost, so no one is going over their budget. 

Holiday Bake-Off

Whip up your own crowd-pleasing treat—like these unbelievably good gingerbread bars—and have each guest bring their favorite Christmas dessert for a delicious December get-together.

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