10 fun family Christmas traditions

Make Christmas wreaths

Crafting wreaths are a known festive activity, but you could take it an extra level by making edible wreaths. 

Christmas movie day

Take the opportunity to cosy up with the family on a cold and rainy day for a mega Christmas movie marathon!

Make your own Advent calendar

Making your own Advent calendar is a fun festive activity, which is low cost and customisable. 

Bake gingerbread to deliver to friends and family

There’s nothing better than the smell of gingerbread spices in the air throughout the festive season.  It’s even better when they're being gifted to those you love. 

Donate unused food to those in need

A variety of tins, non-perishable foodstuffs, long-life milk and juice, jars of tea and coffee and even toiletries can be donated to your local food bank or homeless charity. 

See the Christmas lights

Escape to the outdoors and see the twinkling lights in your local village or city centre this Christmas period. 

Make homemade Christmas cards

Cute craft alert!  Cards are a staple Christmas purchase but making them at home is extra special. 

Carol singing

This is another great activity to do outdoors, all wrapped up warm, with flasks of drinks in hand. 

Make a Christmas breakfast

A Christmas breakfast fit for both adults and kids is always tricky. But it wouldn’t hurt for everyone to get out their creative side!

Host a Christmas afternoon tea

If you’re looking for ideas on how to invite everyone round for a jolly gathering, why not put on a mega Christmas afternoon tea?