7 Christmas Traditions Around The World That Help To Bring People Together

Lighting Candles In Colombia

On the night of December 7, the streets and houses in Colombia are lit with thousands of candles to honor the Virgin Mary.  Each city has its tradition for placing the candles.

KFC Is A Christmas Tradition In Japan

Over 3,6 million families purchase their dinner in the fast food franchise during the holiday, and it's so famous that people need to order it weeks in advance.

Singing Christmas Carols In Martinique

Christmas isn't only limited to family members in Martinique.  Known as the La Ribote, the French Caribbean island's most famous tradition consists of going to the streets and singing Christmas carols with creole verses.

Celebrations Start Early In Norway

Christmas is a massive festivity in Norway, and they start to celebrate it on December 3.  During that period, bars and restaurants are often crowded with people celebrating it. The period is called Julebord, which literally means Christmas table.

Families Share A Christmas Wafer In Poland

Traditionally, the family's eldest member breaks the first piece and passes it to another relative saying a blessing, wishing love, health, and good fortune.  The gesture is perceived as a sign of unconditional love and family union. The ritual resembles the catholic holy communion.

The Luck Almond In Finland

In Finland, people traditionally eat porridge with rice, cinnamon, and milk for breakfast on Christmas.  The cook places a single almond in the pot, and the person who finds it wins, as it's a sign of good luck. 

They Share Books In Iceland

Many spend their evenings reading their new books or playing cards with family, while others visit neighbors or attend the traditional Christmas mass.