Creative And Fun Family Gift Exchange Ideas

Invoke the writer

This can be a great way to strengthen family bonds during the holidays.

Go green gifts

 You can also determine a theme and price cap as some organic items may be costlier than the regular products.

Pet’s gift swap

Pets are like family members.Pamper them with toys and treats, or spend a day at their favorite park or a spa.

Free coupon swap

You can have some real fun using free, personalized coupons. 

Subscriptions exchange

 To make gift-exchange more exciting, you can exchange subscriptions of your favorite services or products.

Gourmet basket exchange

 You can exchange gift baskets with ingredients of each other’s favorite recipes. 

Pajamas exchange

You can go for funky and unique prints for everyone in the family.

Bingo gift exchange

Bingo has been a much-loved game for families. You can include it in the gift exchange idea.

Kids gift exchange

 If you are on a tight budget, you may decide to gift the children in your family and not the adults.

Holiday potluck

 Plan a day to prepare holiday recipes and enjoy each other’s company instead of exchanging gifts.