10 Creative And Fun Family Gift Exchange Ideas

Left or right

This is a fun gift exchange idea for a big family. Participants may decide on the price cap and the theme of the gift if they prefer. 

Hot potato

It is just like the party game, but you use gifts to pass on. This is perfect for a large group of both kids and adults. 

Spin the bottle

Let all family members sit in a circle and spin the bottle. The person on whom the bottle points gets to pick their gifts. 


You may think that it will make your house messy, but it’s really fun.

Treasure hunt

You can involve your family in a treasure hunt.

Gift category

 The gift categories may include books, craft brews, antiques, T-shirts, event tickets, gourmet food, movies, or music. 

DIY or personalized gift exchange

It doesn’t necessarily need to be fancy but a homemade gift that they can cherish for a long time.

Ugly sweater/scarf exchange

 You can pick out the ugliest, quirkiest, oddest, or weirdest scarf or sweater to exchange with your loved ones. 

Holiday potluck

You can bake, cook, or barbecue your favorite meals.

Cocktail-in-a-box swap

Let the adults in your family have some fun with this mini cocktail-in-a-box gift exchange.