10 Creative And Fun Family Gift Exchange Ideas

Cookie swap

 Instead of buying gifts, everyone can bake one large or double batch of festive cookies and exchange them. 

Gift auction

This idea can be both competitive and fun. Set a price cap for buying gifts and leave them unwrapped for others to see. 

Trivia swap

This idea can bring about a certain element of competitiveness and excitement.

Goodies mug swap

You may choose to gift each other personalized, quirky, or fun mugs filled with goodies and treats.

Theme-based gift exchange

You can pick a theme, such as craft, board game, or gift card, for the holidays.

Rotating gift box

This family gift exchange idea can work very well if your family members live in different parts of the country. 


This is a great idea to exchange reusable, high-quality, and unique gifts. 

Regifting with a twist

What if, instead of your favorite items, you pass the worst of gifts ever received to a new owner?

Musical chair gifts

You can play this gift exchange activity similar to musical chairs. It works well for both grown-ups and kids. 

Christmas carnival

Carnivals are always fun because of the fun games such as ring toss, ball toss, or shooting hoops.