7 Ways to Protect Your Child from Internet Hazards


6. Your child should understand what online reputation is

Oftentimes, children haven’t the remotest idea of what virtual reality is. They mistakenly believe that it’s just a game, where there’re no rules and they can behave the way they like. Every modern kid that has a free access to the Internet should have a clear understanding of its structure, function and possible dangers.

As an experienced Internet user, you should teach your child to behave in the virtual reality properly, because a virtual world has much in common with a real one. Children should feel the responsibility for the information they post online. Make sure your child doesn’t add any photos or information that can break their own or family’s confidentiality.

Furthermore, they should know that provocative pictures and statements can seriously damage their both online and social reputation. It’s important to realize that social network accounts are like questionnaires that reflect our characters, lifestyles, views, attitudes, interests, hobbies, relationships and many other private things. Online reputation is a difficult thing, but I hope you’ll find correct words to explain to your kids that it’s necessary to create and maintain positive online reputation for the sake of their future success.