7 Ways to Protect Your Child from Internet Hazards


3. Encourage your child to be sociable

Sociable and confident children who have a lot of true friends are less prone to different types of bullying, and cyber bullying is no exception. Cyber hooligans choose diffident, closed and weak victims, because they’re the ones who’ll easily swallow the bait. These kids can’t resist various manipulations, because they lack mental power and have no friends who’ll cheer them up, give a valuable advice or lend a shoulder during a difficult time. As a result, they retire to their shells and come face to face with hooligans’ manipulations and blackmails.

If your children are incommunicable introverts by nature, then you should do all possible and impossible to become their friend. In case, they’re communicative extroverts, then encourage them to communicate more with their peers and develop healthy friendships.

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