6 Amazingly Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas


Easter is just round the corner and you probably have no idea how to surprise your little ones this year. Kids love a traditional Easter egg hunt. It is a fun family activity that keeps everyone entertained for hours. However, coming up with a new egg hunt idea might be a true challenge. I did a little research and found out several new ideas to try this Easter.

1. Put the Easter message


Help your children develop reading and spelling skills. If they start learning the letters, an Easter letter egg hunt is a win-win solution. They will have some fun while learning new letters and putting together the new words. Prepare a hidden message and Easter eggs that contain the needed letters.

2. Easter egg pinata cakes


Easter egg pinatas are a bit boring for kids, so get more creative and bake mini Easter egg pinata cakes and hide some treasures in them. It can be anything from letters to put the message together or Easter shaped candies to make your little ones smile.

3. Puzzle egg hunt


Draw an Easter-themed picture on a piece of paper and cut the paper into little puzzle pieces. Hide the pieces in some plastic eggs and throw them around the house for your kids to find them and put the pieces together. Don’t forget about prizes for those who will find more eggs than others.

4. Easter egg garden

If you do not have a garden, create your own one in your living room. Ask your kids to help you with it. Once you are done, hide small plastic or chocolate eggs with some tiny prizes in your garden and let your kiddos find them. This Easter egg hunt is particularly perfect for toddlers.

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5. Decode the mismatched Easter eggs


If you are going to throw a party for kids or you know you will have many children of different ages on Easter, this egg hunt idea is all you need to keep the crowd happy and busy for an hour or two.

Take as many colorful plastic eggs as possible. Put together the wrong-colored halves of them. Split your kids into teams and ask each to find and reassemble the right-colored halves of the needed eggs.

6. Find a basket of chocolate treats


Who doesn’t like chocolate? Your children will use all their creativity, attention and energy to find a basket full of chocolate treats – you can use any items instead of chocolate too. Write clues – the first clue to the first egg, the second clue to the second egg, etc.

Your children will need to find all the eggs before they reach the basket. If needed, split the kids into teams. This way, the hunt will be much exciting.

This year, make your Easter egg hunt more exciting and fun with these easy, budget-friendly and creative ideas. Your children will never forget those festive moments. Surely, if you have some Easter egg hunt ideas that I didn’t mention, feel free to share them with us. Be sure, we appreciate each thought and idea.